I cut my finger today on a piece of carpet tack stripping while trying to open a box full of hardwood flooring components. There were no bandages or tissues or any adhesive tape rolls available to me at this time, so I left my accident to bleed. Everyone knows installing hardwood floors involves operating power saws when cut pieces are needed. Therefore this would also lead one to believe plenty of sawdust and other lifeless particles would be floating about,. Operating hammers and air-assisted hammers as well as something my dad and his employees liked to call the "Brad Nailer." When I was little I would have thought that perhaps a Mr. Brad invented the wonderful thing, just like the time I thought that the very first Health Specialist was Mr. Doctor, and therefore from that point on, they were to be identified as doctors. The sawdust did not quite get as messy as I had imagined.. nor did I sever my finger on the electric saws. I cut it on carpet tack in another room, while opening a box. A simple task. It gets me thinking about it. How mistakes are accidents but within this same relationship, the inverse cannot be held accountable for validity. An accident is never a mistake. Mistakes are exactly what they are stated to be, actions or reactions counter to the originally desired end result. An accident is an action, it is a reaction, but in contrast to the Mistake, Mr. Accident possesses a much more charming quality. Accidents yield a lesson, accidents yield benefits, accidents yield.

I caught myself in a lie.

I am completely making up this faux-analysis of the differences between accidents and mistakes
Because it makes me feel good to have the ability into coaxing you into believing in a principle (fake or not) that I set the guidelines for.

It's like brushing your teeth for 4 minutes a day will prevent 100% of your cavities Including but not exclusive to the ones in your feet, head, arms, and mouth..

Or believing that Neosporin™ will help cure this cut on my left-hand middle finger.

I heard it a second time,
The cordless phone beeps every few minutes to let me know it sucks.
It's the 5th phone in the last 2 maybe 3 years
Before that, there was one phone for the last 7 years..

It is entirely beyond me why they would be a different brand..

To go through 5 in such a short span.

Do you believe, could you possibly believe that ram is more important than processor speed. And dsl sucks a phat one ..

Atleast it does here.. The kid down the street has the same one as me Only he gets about 9k/s from legitimate sites.

You know, the same sites I get 80k/s
is not work 50$ a month.
Which is what this fucking corporate slut is charging me..

Not me.

My dad in conjunction with my 24x7 usage of the device
My finger is pussing on the S key.
I miss my girlfriend..

As far as I know
We have no immediate interrelationship problems
Everything is kool with a K
Like my mom's cigarette brand of choice
Choice is a funny thing
I didn't choose to die of cancer
Like my mom and dad did.
(they chose, they aren't dead yet,.. c'mon you sick fucker)
But I bet I will.
(you know...)
I bet I'll be diagnosed with lung cancer. A week before I get diagnosed with prostate cancer And colon cancer for the anal sex I am sure to receive when I'm put in jail For pirating metallica mp3's


Metallica sucks a fat dick They are all practically 50 years at (the year is 2000) And they can't write music for shit Since 199? What?

I can't even remember when the black album came out

Now Lars, Let me tell you, he's such a good drummer and And influential musician (laugh out loud) he's gotta go bitch and moan

fuck that

napster won't get shut down but after this court shit it is going to suck dick too

like metallica sucks dick
every radio station in the Philadelphia area sucks dick

and my local music scene sucks two dicks

oh man this kid called tonight to try and borrow my PA for some show his friend set up for tomorrow night,..

heh, first of all.. his friend. This kid.. for anonymity's sake, we'll call him "Mr. M" he's a fucking Vegan

so you know automatically that this unhealthy little shit lacks the proteins necessary to understand how to operate a fucking Pro Audio System as complex as my little shit 8channel powered mixer slut box

fuck that anyway the band sucks shai hulud can just go wish they were heavy like dillinger escape plan

dillinger escape plan is the heaviest crazy metal band ever to come out of new jersy and Isis is the heaviest band from massa- choosettes. i could never spell it. so phonetics works for me :P
the point I'm trying to make is that it's no ACCIDENT being technical is fucking borderline fucking orgasmic it was a mistake shai hulud ever formed
to try and even get "Mr. M" to borrow my Pro Audio Ensemble

my godamn finger is throbbing
newgrounds.com is cool and so is stileproject.com they link each other

they must be friends

newgrounds is from Philadelphia… that's surprising.. philadelphia sucks..
none of our teams have done shit since Mitch Williams was raped up the asparagus by Joe Carter in shit 1989? I was 7.. I collected comics..

I just don't understand Though..

I didn't sit at some huge switchboard When I was intransit from being born and being unborn Picking and choosing the good the bad the ugly of my life Why did I choose so much bad shit Did I just get too lazy to keep rolling the dice..

I didn't choose to have a mom who supports a smoking habit of 2 packs of cigarettes a day, but doesn't have enough money to fill medical prescriptions for the shitty acne I inherited from her side of the shitty family..

Her family all die or have heartattacks in their 60's

My dad's family are all 100+

Being half Italian is gay Because you're hated by Italians, because they hate everyone And you're hated by everyone else because everyone hates Italians..

I really like my girlfriend a lot.. I want to hopefully someday marry her.

I hope she lives in American with me Because her town sucks And it would be so hard to sustain a manageable living situation there..

I want to go to college But it's really scary

Graphic design is such a competitive field. .true true, I have an in.. my aunt is the most successful senior creative art mogul this side of the milkyway but fucking A,. it's a lot of work what happens to hobbies that become jobs ….? Same things that happen to girlfriends that become premature wives

never marry an irish girl.. not in the 90's.. funny it's the Oh's now can't cook, can't clean, can't work

goodfornothin's can't even birth anyone anymore

and they probably refuse to wash clothes using Tide™ - I bet it's some of that All™ garbage.
there a hairclip by my keyboard. That means my sister was in my room Close enough to touch this computer What a fucking ga;dls gkasd;lakjf;laskd You know what's up now when I do the as;dlfkajsd;fl typin'
I've almost completely forgot about my severed finger. Lacerated, if you prefer.

She's on a cruise right now,..

With her parents,

My girlfriend
It's funny I never have anything to say Ever
No content for my fuckign web pages No sir-e

I'm typing so much My carpal tunnel Is all like 'f u - s o b - s to p - t y p i n g'
and im all * * *


this sucks I'm going pee and then to bed Fuck all you ho's Who read this entire thing
Age of empires II is cool as hell Because hell is cool Like dunkin donuts But I suck at it

I'm 3 days new.

First union banks suck too