scroll up scroll down


roll, insert, hold

hold, hold, hold, me,
holdyour position
punk rock music sucks my boughs of holly

spilling out about the shrouds covering my proud loud longlasting lashes hey now.. cool it with the oww sounds, the round wound ones that make you wonder woah, this is moving my mouth in a circular, sounds so circular motion

booyaah, controlling your face muscles i bet your face moved all crazy OWW sound when you read that like the you know. the ow sound
more appropriately, the "ough" as is Bough of Holly
[1] turn on your codec [2] rock the casbah, and just try to cooperate with Ted, okay?  

wouldn't it be funny if i spelled
Bough wrong
it looks right
it looks american english

color >colour
and neighbor >neighbour
and killer > killer with an accent

highschool is a waste of time
look at all the great things i have to say