it's hard to express yourself lately, john. i don't know what you're going to do about it. you can't keep making these projects that house very little in the way of any sort of accomplishment. that's fine that you use this as a method of venting. i understand that. but what exactly is this? what are you venting? what are you trying to say? what are you trying to reflect. don't say nothing. it's obvious you're not reflecting only nothing. you should really learn to be more honest with yourself. i don't know when you managed to lose touch with yourself so badly. it's quite tragic. i need to finish an essay on the unwarranted science behind global warming

i don't really know what to say to you or how i want to you associate my text to staffpick.jpg or estimate it's evolution from ugh.jpg or if i care i'll think about what needs to be said and maybe tomorrow, say it you know what we should do?

we should have our own disgusting lover design duo

we should purchase a domain and produce the "worst designs" ever imagined by so-called designers that only we will like or understand

things that reflect our love or not, even

i'll design if you design why can't you stop making your own personal hell?

are you all right?

you genuinely concern me but you don't let me in - really in

i don't want our relationship to be superficial

i love you johnny talk to me

you sound really unhealthy

what's the most miserable thing for you? are you completely opposed to the idea of taking a year off? try to update your monitor shit the drivers or whatever

and you might have 1280

there is one thats like 1152xsomething

its a cool res

if you must know, nationgeographic makes the only suitable collages..

next best thing, when ng is not available is icq history.