how difficult it is to sit here and sulk- pushing my bottom lip out and my eyebrows down. i am frustrated but happy, pointless but free.


it seems that everybody has forgotten what it means to be completely and entirely elite. the first has fallen victim to her own unoriginal obscurities.. a victim of the scene. the other has let her mundane outlook on life supercede even the best of her abilties and she is a loaf embracing the ignorant affection from a boy-child. i am convinced there is no real intelligence in the female form, there is only faux-intelligence. an enlightenment (lack of) that is governed by their unwillingness to accomplish anything. sorry bodies, meat sockets, pulling their hair back, putting their hair up. can't keep your mouth shut. can't open your mouth with gratifying words. can't reassure me of what you know i need to be told, only because it provides you with the means of keeping me mobile/immobile. i am not impressed. not impressed at all with your driving abilities. i am not impressed with your mathematical skills. i am not impressed with a woman's need to feel equal. socially equal, physically equal, emotionally equal, financially equal. maybe you are my equal, maybe, you can embrace my idea of utter brilliance and utter success, perfection.. maybe you can embody this idea and share with me a lifetime of realizing this idea. maybe not :)


there is a whole bunch of shit on ebay that needs to be bought. this is the buy johnny a new bass guitar ebay blow out sale. Lets kick off the new year right.


the first day of music in a new home.