Max, Emanuel, Doug, George - 6th Grade
my bass guitar (sort of)
Totally a blackmail graduation photo (we didn't use it)
this is a satellite photo of the blackout that happened over the summer, i thought it was cool
Cody Smith
Me when I was 4
family goes to OC, Nj every summer (4th july)
mark martucci (he's awesome)
me asleep on the nyc trip
this is george (ebay, band)
this is nik from lockjaw
12th grade talent show (another blackmail photo) george,me,mike,max
11th gr, me and zach
the van explodes in california
mt rushmore max, george, me
salt flats
salt flats, me
broke down in colorado - mike,mx
broke down in utah - i climbed a big hill
apple store, minnesota - me,max
limo going to airport, i took a picture into the mirrored ceiling
cows came to visit when we broke down in colorado
cheesehead, minnesota
weird wax people in Wall, South Dakota
wyoming or south dakota