(11.01.03) "odd numbers"
i couldn't wait for this day to happen, i just had to unveil my progress ahead of time (i guess i'll see you all in a week)
(11.01.03) "utterly depressed and broken"
with their leader dead, the disciples somethign something.. with jesus dead. the movement should have disappeared. but with news of his execution.. they all roasted weenies.. and shouted. suddenly jesus appears through the fog on the hillside, mostly because the weenies were part of a government scandal. (LSD testing) The project failed, and christianity remains to this day as an example of the failed CIA operation. It has become known as "This Religious Event" and it transformed the masses. It is -the- pinnacle movement. Preach Convert those file formats, you surrogate internets.
(11.01.03) "neurological evidence"
chemical changes in the brain due to meditation validate the existence of religion as a purposeful ritual - scientifically. oh how trivial is the messiah(s) messiah(s) messiah(s) now that he only calms my brow and relaxes my penis. do not arouse me.
(10.31.03) "Roseanne Halloween Specials last night"
some ppl have horse blinders on and their heads officially up their a-hole at the same time. there is no place in life for pessismism especially if it rewrites the positive events in your life. stop looking back and stop looking forward, you need to take a moment to see what your feet are doing right now.
(10.26.03) "jesus"
"this is a difficult age, because clearly, they lost their leader." lol at what point in your life did you not want to be me. this is a phone call for all things that can possibly happen to kindly do so.
(10.21.03) "i can't fucking WAIT for november. holy shit"
everybody's family other than mine is weird and wrong. november is oging to be a good month. greatest show on tv right now: nip/tuck. caught 5 mice is as many days.
(10.19.03) "hey lets get into a fight"
i like the naked chef, i like the french press, i like cheese, i like green olives, i like marinated tomatoes, i like the logitech mx300, i like sleeping, i like staying awake, i like watermelon, i like rice pudding, i like music, i like clothes.
(10.18.03) "every girl in the world is absolutely crazy"
johnny benson knows all, tells all.
(10.14.03) "brithdays for the masses"
you can't celebrate outside the city limits of Clinton, MA and it's been banned from 47 of the 49 other states and Puerto Rico. Happy 34th brithday ms. morin.
(10.14.03) "Giving Thx"
Thanksgiving dinner was a disaster on Full House. DJ fucked the turkey, Stephanie shitted the pie up, and Uncle Jesse couldn't seduce two german women. Danny: Failure as a father. Uncle Joey: Homosexual
(10.13.03) "what he say?"
johnny offline (10:19:32 AM): life is rough
johnny offline (10:19:35 AM): the pain you feel
johnny offline (10:19:36 AM): enjoy it
johnny offline (10:19:39 AM): after next year
johnny offline (10:19:41 AM): it won't be the same
johnny offline (10:19:49 AM): *dies of college overdose*
(10.12.03) "The Cat On The Piano"
the gay fest outside my window is giving me a stomach ache. i think this party is fucked. they listen to the worst music. i have a great link for yall
(10.11.03) "copper wire screen"
so you've got license to say shit you normally wouldn't. well i've got license to ignore your ass. timestamp this event. i think i'm annoyed with a lot of you. *points finger*
(10.10.03) "Ryan Yu"
He's Twenty and barely legal ladies.
(10.09.03) "Suspension of Time"
if there's one thing i've learned, all i need to do is look inside myself to travel time, i'm right there with you where i want to be.
(10.08.03) "My Pictures"
The information has been leaked.
(10.07.03) "the boy lies for fun"
the amazing mark martucci writes a song for me, me me me me me eme memememememe. *bass solo*
(10.06.03) "blahhhhh"
ronald mcdonald, hiv+
(10.05.03) "the freshman"
hi is your name, yes it is, i knew it. awesome.
(10.04.03) "rickdex.html"
i think the secret is out,
(09.27.03) "i hate your food"
i used to have a screen name for every occasion, best viewed in 640x480
(09.24.03) "every special man"
extraterrestrial girl.
(09.14.03) "time travel"
in three days i'll cook breakfast