My art practice finds its origins in autobiographical experiences that are then mediated through thoughtful outlets. The nature of these outlets is essentially limitless in scope and can manifest as any medium whether digital, non-digital, tangible, or intangible. Despite the unbounded position taken on art making, as an art practice certain overarching precepts reside in all aspects of the practice. Notwithstanding craftsmanship, dedication, and compassion as requisite elements for any artistic focus, an extra willingness to adapt, an undeniable need for greater artistic versatility, and a burgeoning desire for an extensive multidisciplinary skill set are all absolutely required to accurately and effectively communicate across multiple media and mediums. Each medium commands respect and consideration on an individually intimate level based on the particulars of the medium.

Combining technology with an art medium previously void of technology has several effects on the art process. It can modify it technically, conceptually, or emotionally. A computer interface with a screen and mouse comparatively paired adjacent to a painting interface with a paintbrush and some swatches of paint - Depending on one's individual observations these two art making objects can be contextualized as closely or as far apart as language may allow.

A multimedia artist applies a liberal approach to art making in the sense that quite literally a painting could be documented photographically and recalled via video feed which is then accompanied by sounds in a site specific environment filled with a live performance that relates directly to each other element of the piece.

This is an absurdly huge undertaking across multiple platforms. Time based media mixed with a unique performance tailored to a unique space, all of which stems from a traditional painting and is then filtered through a gamut of other technically demanding and conceptually significant channels.

A large part of my art practice is being able to understand the relationship between the art and the artist. Art making is principally comprised of systems. Systems are built of components. Each component can be broken into intimate parts. Understanding these systems, a multimedia artist then establishes a network of relationships between them. These relationships can be used to craft narrative experiences and individual voice. I will interface a computer with traditional printmaking techniques in unique ways unlike any other artist because of my network of skills hinged on multiple systems of thought.
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  BFA Multimedia
College of Media and Communication
University of the Arts, Philadelphia PA
Dean's List
Presidential Scholarship
Expected Graduation in Spring 2005

  Director of Multimedia Town Meetings
University of the Arts, Philadelphia PA
Organized, budgeted, and coordinated times, locations, agenda, and food for meetings held bimonthly
Developed techniques to strengthen attendance through posters, contests, email lists, and branding
Interfaced with students and faculty, mediating issues and goals set during meetings

  Gallery Assistant Curator Multimedia
University of the Arts, Philadelphia PA
Budgeted gallery installation and maintenance materials
Coordinated, installed, and uninstalled gallery exhibitions under supervision of curator
Coordinated installation efforts and allocated resources for multimedia senior exhibit installation teams

  Tutor for Academic Support Services
University of the Arts, Philadelphia PA
Instructed students in various computer technology related courses
Filed individuated tutoring session reports

  Apprenticed Tile Setter
John Benson Ceramic Tile & Marble, Warrington PA
Preparation and completion of individual and collaborative duties on the jobsite
Conceptual planning and design, design implementation, and site specific problem solving
Additionally hired as subcontractor for completion of small jobs under supervision of foreman
Subcontracting duties included writing estimates, budgeting materials and labor, and client relations

  Emotion in Photography
Scholarship - Spring 2004
Ernestine Ruben

  Creative Process
Exhibition - Spring 2002
Awarded Best in Show
Sandy Webster Gallery

  1982 Disks
Exhibition - Fall 2003
Multimedia Gallery Space

  Leadership Award Nomination
Most Enthusiastic Leader - Spring 2004
Chris Garvin Multimedia Director

300 S. Camac Street 2F
Philadelphia, PA 19107
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